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The signing of the Indonesian Workers Insurance Cooperation Agreement between Bhakti Bayangkara Insurance as the Consortium Leader with Aspan Insurance, Bess Indonesia Insurance, Staco Jasatama Insurance and Reliance Life Insurance as members of the con- sortium on November 18, 2019 at the Bhakti Bayangkara Insurance Head Office.

The signing was carried out by the President Director of all members of the consortium. On this occasion, the President Director of Asuransi Aspan, Mr. Febri Wibawa Parsa Sihombing, was accompanied by the Head of the Jakarta Branch 2, Mr. Endang Kosasih Putra.


The series of National Research and Innovation Based Industry exhibition events offi- cially closed on Sunday.

Along with the theme “The Spice Route Strategy in the Five National Industry Priori- ties to Create an Independent Indonesia” is a matter of pride for Aspan Insurance, which can directly contribute to safeguarding the legacy.

Nusantara with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) actors.

Creating a space to hear the obstacles and hopes of business actors, Aspan Insur- ance is here to provide protection in support of realizing an independent, creative and innovative Indonesia.

Millennials Prospect & Leadership

as the President Director of Asuransi Aspan believes that the role of the Millennials generation in developing companies today is very important to encourage the spirit of company transformation in facing the era of change. As the next generation, Millenni- als need to have a place to accommodate all forms of ideas or ideas and aspirations to achieve mutual success.

In this regard, socialization for Aspan’s Millennials employees was held on Wednes- day. With the theme “Millennials Prospect & Leadership”, this socialization for the cre- ative and innovative generation was delivered directly by the President Director at the Aspan Insurance Headquarters.


In order to increase the knowledge, confidence and skills of consumers and the wider community in managing finances properly, Aspan Insurance organizes Financial Liter- acy which is held in several areas of West Java province, including Bekasi, Sukabumi, Indramayu, Cianjur and Bandung This Financial Literacy Activity was carried out with the introduction of General Loss Insurance products which were attended by the sur- rounding community.


Continuing the socialization of Millennials Prospect and Leadership last week, Monday, January 27th, a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was held with the theme “Mentoring Millennials for Future Leadership” which was brought directly by Aspan’s President Director, Febri Wibawa Parsa Sihombing and attended by Aspan Insurance employees.

who are over 40 years old. This FGD aims to understand the characteristics of the Mil- lennials generation who become a team in working along with the challenges faced in leading a team in the current era of information technology.

In addition, leaders are also expected to be able to recognize potential characteristics, build a Transformational team by developing a team work culture, build a culture of innovation in work teams and be able to become the right leader for across genera- tions.


  1. Process digitization starting from data input, underwriter acceptance, payment, policy issuance to online claim processing.

    The existence of ASPAN DIGI is a form of the company’s seriousness to become the Main General Insurance, especially in Digital Insurance. There are 3 insurance products that can be purchased through ASPAN DIGI, namely Personal Accident Insurance plus Covid 19, Vehicle Insurance and Property Insurance. The premium value offered is competitive, so it is possible to be reached by all levels of society.

    The community welcomes the various opportunities offered in ASPAN DIGI. Since its soft launch on August 17, 2020, ASPAN DIGI members currently have more than 1500 members spread across Indonesia. This will motivate the company to be able to provide the best service for all members and prospective members.

Establishment of a "Digital Marketing Project Team"

Currently ASPAN has formed a Digital Marketing Project Team, as for the special task of this team, which is to be responsible for everything related to content creation and implementation in the context of digital (online) ASPAN Insurance branding, such as:

• Social Media Management which includes Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Website, Digital Promotion and others.